Tattered-Kaylor is Tessa Elieff (B. Fine Art - Sound, First Class Honours)
Electroacoustic/Phonographic Composer

‘Sound does not know our rules regarding walls, corners and closed doors. It travels through and beyond – being numerous in place, yet existing as a single entity. Under the guise of being unseen it permeates our surroundings, expanding and contracting space, warping the edges we construct with our perceptions of reality’.          Tessa Elieff, 2010

Elieff’s work stems from her fascination with our perceptions of ‘Sonic Environment’ - how we construct our surrounding realities and the resultant interpretations we live by and conclude as being absolute. She is inspired by humble purpose - nature’s intent to grow, machine’s intent to function, a bird’s intent to call and a communities intent to survive. Her live performance explores relationships between sound, space, time and perception via processed field recordings and multi-speaker systems in various surround sound formations. Methods utilised draw from concepts of the Acousmonium as developed by                   (1974), with her favoured tools for sculpting sounds including architectural cavities (manmade and natural), sonic/spatial memory, concrete, steel, stone and controlled systems of diffusion. Her compositions consist of moments that are as true to life as is possible - as unprocessed and as ‘Real’ as our self proclaimed reality can be and moments where this reality will slip and shift, fracturing the represented environment from one that is an assumed absolute, to the other - that sits within the shell of our perceptions. 

As a curator Elieff has directed and organised a number of events dedicated to Sound and New Media Art. These events have included collaborative works, live sound performance, New Media Art showcases, master-class workshops and temporary inner city rehearsal spaces for emerging and established artists. Her collaborative partners have included the highly respected Australian sound artist, Philip Samartzis and, Jacques Soddell - founder of the experimental music label,             . 

In 2011 Elieff received the Inhabit International Residency from Punctum Arts and Arts Victoria and headed to the geographical centre of France to work and research at  the                                . In 2010 she was invited to direct and curate for Australia’s esteemed sound arts festival, ‘Liquid Architecture’. Her live performance has been seen in countries including Australia, Austria and France with the launch of her debut album, ‘Selected Realities’ in 2012,  on the Viennese experimental music label               . Since this release she has been selected as a featured artist on the prestigious 25 year-old Austrian radio program                        - a program dedicated to the sounds of experimental musics and sound art, and, in the italian                                   with interview by                                .  Her work has been played on radio stations in Australia, Finland, France, London, Spain and Italy that is known of.

In 2013 she was a recipient of the Australia Council for the Arts, ‘Art Start’ grant. Her plans included assisting Chantal Passamonte AKA                                        
during the Metropolis New Music Festival and a location based recording project with                    involving traveling along the coast of North East England. This work focussed on practices such as single point species recordings, Ambisonic techniques and methods used to capture a three dimensional soundfield. In 2014 Elieff was a recipient of the Ian Potter Cultural Trust’s grant and as part of such, attended the University of Birmingham as a visiting student under supervision of                                      , followed by a cross residency between Pollinaria and Interferenze for the Liminaria Festival, rural Italy. 2015 plans are yet to be released.
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